The k12 Crisis That Created EdCredible

The EdCredible Story

Our Passion is connecting educators with products that work!

There is a tremendous need for transparency about education products and services. For decades, EdCredible’s founders witnessed countless school districts struggle to make the right product choices. Product information has been limited, and information about product performance and effectiveness on a large scale has simply not been available. The result? Many districts unwittingly invest time, money and resources in products and services that do not work or that have marginal ROI. District administrators purchased these products with the best intentions for success. But sometimes the lack of information can result in new districts adopting these products (sometime multi-million dollar investments), when other districts were struggling with them and/or replacing them in their districts. And although teachers are frequently frustrated by inferior products, there has been no systematic way for their voices to be heard.

The BIG Problem from an Educator Perspective:

So what is the real problem? Educators are burdened with an antiquated marketing, sales, and procurement process. The political practices at play and the big money spent by vendors pushing a prejudiced perception about the effectiveness of their products oftentimes leads to less than optimal decisions. In a typical procurement process, vendors typically would supply 3-5 client references, a demo show and tell, and in rare instances, a small pilot for a limited audience and period of time for teacher feedback.

What did this yield?

· Vendors giving their top 3-5 clients as references who have been given very special attention and nurturing, are totally invested in the vendor, and who, oftentimes, may be getting a significant discount creating a situation where it is in their best interest to give a good reference.

· Vendors mocking up their systems to show functionality tailored to the District’s, specifications which may not exist and if the District were to actually purchase and implement that day, would not be scalable district wide.

· Pilot groups testing out functionality on platforms that have been mocked up and are not, in most cases, being tested on the actual platforms being used in other districts.

The BIG Problem from a Vendor Perspective:

· Vendors lack direct communication channels with the teachers and administrators who are using the products on a broad scale. They do not have an accurate method to receive unfiltered and tangible feedback, which limits their ability to make the most functionally and economically effective product improvement and development decisions.

· Vendor sales and marketing departments do not have objective proof sources supplied by education users to display when providing prospects with examples of their successful implementations.

· Many vendors struggle to get real feedback from users that can be used to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The Light Bulb Moment:

Today for virtually everything you purchase, you can read ratings and reviews before purchasing. From cars and large appliances, to hotels and restaurants for trips, to contractor services for your home repairs, to consumables and gifts on You use reviews before booking a $100 hotel room, so shouldn’t you use EdCredible reviews before making a $1,000, $10,000 or even $1,000,000 purchase?

And why is this a good thing for consumers and for companies? Transparency through direct and unfiltered consumer feedback improves products and pricing. Those who refuse to improve and adjust are eventually forced out of the market and those who adapt will thrive. The result? A WIN-WIN for education consumers and for good companies.

Education and Credibility go hand-in-hand. The idea for EdCredible was born and we haven’t looked back.

Our Mission:

At EdCredible we believe that transparency in purchasing is not only needed for education, it’s vital for k12 and higher education to thrive in providing the best quality education products and services for our children.

We feel educators should have somewhere to go to write reviews, comment on and rate products used without fear of repercussion and without cost. Our commitment to educators is that our system will always be free to write and read sample reviews that are guaranteed to be 100% anonymous. Our promise to vendors of education products and services is access to validated crowdsourced feedback from the professionals who are actual users so that they can effectively meet the needs of education.

The Florida School Boards Association (FSBA) shares the EdCredible vision, which is why they recently private-labeled EdCredible (called EdCred) and recommended that all Florida school board members use it before making decisions about k12 products and services. Learn more about the FSBA / EdCredible Partnership here.

We’re disrupting the education market, the time has come for change…join us as we revolutionize education purchasing.

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