We Love Our “Vendors Who Care”

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we are sending love notes to our “Vendors Who Care” – those vendors who have made a special effort to stay informed about their product’s performance ratings in EdCredible.

What makes these vendors particularly laudable (and lovable!) is the fact that they are using the data in EdCredible to proactively address customer issues before they become major problems. They are listening to you - the product users - and are reaching out through emails and messages. They know when their customers are getting stuck, and can provide solutions that allow educators to more effectively implement the products in their classroom.

Educators are agile and dynamic consumers, and EdCredible serves as a forum for them to communicate their opinions to vendors as well as to fellow teachers around the world. Our Vendors Who Care are using EdCredible to develop genuine relationships with educators after their initial purchase, and to build loyalty and customer engagement.

Join us in sending a special love note to Think Through Learning (Imagine Learning Company); Promethean; Edmentum; and Zaner-Bloser – our Vendors Who Care!

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