Because You Didn't Just Fall Off the Turnip Truck

At a pivotal time for education, half the nation's state legislatures have at least one new education committee chairperson this year, and a quarter of state school chiefs are less than a year into the job, (according to a recent Education Week article). Yet these individuals will be creating policy and establishing regulations that will guide the purchase of textbooks and instructional materials for years to come.

What can you do to ensure that education policy does not supersede the judgment and common sense of a classroom teacher? First, be sure that policy-makers are receiving correct information. While it is easy for a lawmaker to glance over a report of average student achievement, aggregated data hides the multifaceted details of success. It is up to you to tell the stories of students who beat the odds, and who accomplished so much in the face of adversity. It is up to you to tell the story of that remarkable teacher (you, perhaps?) who found a way to help every child bloom in their classroom.

And it is up to you to protect your students from poorly designed products that don’t meet their needs by joining with the power of 26,000 (and growing) classroom teachers from around the country to create transparency in education product performance. Policy-makers rely upon data to make sound decisions - with EdCredible, you can provide them with the data to understand what products they should support, and what products simply don’t work. Here at EdCredible, we welcome policy-makers to join our site and review the data the makes a difference.

You know education - you have a voice - now make your voice heard.

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