Do the words "easy", "quick" and "accurate" describe your Textbook Adoption process?

April 23, 2017

 Is your textbook adoption process an opportunity for a stimulating conversation about learning goals? Or a frustrating and difficult exercise which involves begging teachers to complete forms and tally spreadsheets?  Do you waste time and energy developing surveys and then spend more time chasing them around the district?  Isn't it time to skip the paper chase and immediately start talking about results?


It's time to change your textbook adoption process to one that is easy, quick and accurate through the use of EdValuate - a revolutionary new Textbook Adoption and RFP Evaluation System that is automating and simplifying the secure creation, weighting, administration, scoring, analysis and overall management of the onerous textbook adoption and RFP evaluation process.


How can something so wretched and divisive turn into a process that creates conversation and collaboration?  EdValuate is easy to use, quick, completely customizable, and secure – the survey data belongs only to the district.


"In a world where everything has gone digital, I still was nervous about having a computer tabulate results from our textbook adoption surveys. However, after seeing the ease of use by