Stop the Insanity!

Last week, EdCredible made its biggest announcement ever with the rollout of EdValuate, the revolutionary new Textbook Adoption and RFP Evaluation Tool that saves school districts tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in productivity by automating and simplifying the secure creation, weighting, administration, scoring, analysis and overall management of RFPs and Textbook Evaluations.

The reaction was unprecedented. We received calls from school districts and from charter schools, from school board members and from administrators – all wanting to stop the insanity that was created by their textbook adoption process.

Why? Because regardless of their role in the education system, all of these individuals recognized that textbook adoption and RFP evaluation are two of the most stressful and expensive tasks that must be completed by schools. And, what makes these tasks even more daunting is the fact that both are vulnerable to legal challenges.

Many people told us horror stories about trying to compile data from incomplete forms with scratched out answers. Some even admitted making calculation errors when compiling the data – they spent hours re-calculating the entire group of forms, resulting in delayed reporting and a lack of confidence in the results.

You know the feeling – now you know the solution. EdValuate. Together we can move textbook adoption into the 21st century.

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