Instructional Materials Review Platform
EdCredible's all-in-one instructional materials review platform is praised by international, state and district leaders as the most advanced online tool available to securely manage and simplify all aspects of the instructional materials review process - with transparency and fidelity - from beginning to end.


Instructional Materials Review Platform

EdCredible® is a fully automated, user-friendly online platform that administrators use to request, review, and select the highest quality instructional materials and programs for students and teachers.  EdCredible® re-imagined the future of instructional materials with a revolutionary process and secure platform that increases transparency, equity and makes conducting instructional materials reviews a breeze.  Top platform benefits include:

  • ​Fully automated review process reduces time and costs by 83%

  • Increased collaboration among reviewers

  • Integrate publisher prescreening

  • Easily manage publisher submissions and communications

  • Securely conduct internal and public facing reviews

  • Build trust across key constituencies 

  • Real-time access to all reviewer data

  • Data filters by role, user group, school and more

Leadership Certification Training

Instructional Materials Review Leadership Certification Training Syllabus

The certification program covers four main topics including: Leading the Instructional Materials Review Process, Training Reviewers to Select High Quality Instructional Materials, Developing Evaluation Instruments and Reviewing Programs with Fidelity, and Creating Requests for Materials that Solicit the Right Response. A bulleted list of the items for each topic is listed below.

Leading the Instructional Materials Review Process

  • Legal and Statutory Requirements

  • All About Budget

  • Developing a Timeline

  • Communications

  • Developing a Request for Materials

  • Reviewer Selection Process

  • Planning Professional Development

  • Reviewing Materials

  • Publisher Presentations

  • Selecting Finalists

  • Board Presentations


Training Reviewers to Select High Quality Instructional Materials

  • Defining Instructional Materials

  • Major Tool vs. Ancillary Materials

  • Adoption Process

  • The Ultimate Goal

  • Committee Evaluations

  • Committee Diversity

  • Forced Consensus Tools

  • Identifying Bias

  • Program Allure and Quality

  • 3 Essentials Elements: Content, Presentation and Learning

  • Reviewer Practice Activities


Creating Requests for Materials That Solicit the Right Response

  • Introduction

  • Layout

  • Documentation

  • Required Signatures

  • Courses vs. Course Groups

  • Technical Prescreens

  • Technical Proof of Concept

  • Issuing Requests

  • Updates and Notifications

  • Publisher Exceptions

Developing Evaluation Instruments & Reviewing Programs with Fidelity

  • Developing Evaluation Tools & Rubrics

  • Prescreens vs. Committee

  • Defining Response Choices

  • Requiring Comments

  • Default Responses

  • Criterion and Indicators

  • Review Groups

  • Publisher Evidence

  • Committee Evaluation

  • Data Analysis

  • Forced Consensus Tools

  • Public Reviews



Instructional Materials Review
Leadership Certification Training


Wednesday, June 16, 2021 (8:30am - 3:30pm)

Thursday, June 17, 2021 (8:30am - 1:30pm)


No Cost



Residence Inn Marriott Tampa Suncoast at Northpoint Village

2101 Northpointe Pkwy, Lutz FL 33558


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$125 / night



Continental Breakfast provided by Marriott

Snacks, Lunch and Dinner included on Wednesday.

Snacks, Lunch provided on Thursday.


Instructional Materials Review
Leadership Certification Training


Wednesday, June 23, 2021 (8:30am - 3:30pm)

Thursday, June 24, 2021 (8:30am - 1:30pm)


No Cost

EdCredible's® Instructional Materials Review Leadership Certification Program is an intensive 2-day training that provides administrators with the requisite knowledge and tools to implement an equitable and secure review process with fidelity. This certification is appropriate for any state, district or school administrator overseeing or supporting the review and adoption process. Training Syllabus (Print PDF Version)


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Consulting Services

EdCredible® has a deep understanding of the logistical and political complexities of reviewing and selecting high quality instructional materials. From budgeting to buying, EdCredible's® subject matter experts are well versed in all aspects of the adoption process.  As a third party, EdCredible® can guarantee an adoption process that is transparent, equitable and secure.  EdCredible's® Instructional Materials Review Consulting Services offers districts and states peace of mind and world-class results.


Managed Adoption Services:

  • Needs Assessment

  • Budgeting

  • Timeline Development

  • Resource Capacity Development

  • Bid/Request for Materials Development

  • Evaluation Instrument Development

  • Vendor Submission Management

  • Committee Reviewer Selection

  • Reviewer Professional Development

  • Technical Program Prescreen

  • Committee Program Review Management

  • Evaluation Data Analysis

  • Program Selection Management

  • Public Review Management

  • School Board Adoption Selection Presentation 

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State Standards and
Test Item Spec Reviews

EdCredible® re-imagined the state standards and test specifications review process creating a straightforward and easy way to conduct statewide reviews of standards, benchmarks, curriculum frameworks and test item specifications.  The Florida Department of Education is currently using this functionality from EdCredible.

Top Platform benefits:

  • Fully automated review reduces time and cost by 83%

  • Proven technology with infinite scale

  • Build trust across key constituencies

  • Easily load new versions of standards to conduct multiple rounds of reviews quickly and easily

  • Up to 89% reduction in reviewer downtime

  • Real-time access to all reviewer data

  • Filters for role, user group, district and key constituency groups

  • Increased collaboration among reviewers

  • Securely conduct internal and public facing reviews

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Crowdsourced Ratings and Reviews

EdCredible's FREE K-12 Product Rating and Review Platform is an exclusive tool for validated educators to anonymously rate products and read reviews from other validated educators. With 26,351 validated reviews, using EdCredible® Ratings and Reviews in tandem with EdCredible's Instructional Materials Adoption Platform offers districts a vehicle that can be used to identify a larger field of products by category and in turn, empower administrators to support or defend adoption selections with validated educator review data.

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