Educators spend over $114 Billion annually on materials and services sourced from thousands of vendors, used by 5 million professional educators to educate more than 58 million students in the US.  Prior to 2016, no one had even considered a crowdsourced ratings and review site to evaluate the effectiveness of K12 education products.  Then EdCredible built its initial offering, a K12 Rating and Review platform to address the lack of transparency in the performance of products and curriculum in K12 education.  The platform was the disruptive force needed to empower educators, vendors and parents to make better decisions, improve efficiency and reduce overall cost. 


As EdCredible’s site grew into the tens of thousands of reviews from educators all over the world, EdCredible found school districts interested in using the platform for a different purpose.  Districts asked if it could be used to conduct their own internal instructional materials evaluations and Florida’s Martin County School District gave EdCredible its initial opportunity to prove the platform value.  The platform received extraordinary word of mouth notoriety and EdCredible quickly grew, bringing on prestigious clients such as Broward County Public Schools, Hillsborough County Public Schools and the Florida Department of Education.


In 2017, EdCredible officially launched the Instructional Materials Adoption Platform, which catapulted EdCredible's growth.  While a typical textbook evaluation could take weeks or months for a school district to complete, EdCredible was returning the lion’s share of time and money back to administrators so they could invest more resources on increasing student achievement. Overnight, EdCredible gave school districts an easier way to conduct reliable and transparent adoptions with peace of mind. EdCredible’s business model is a financial "no-brainer" for school districts because the software cost is borne by vendors who pay subscriptions fees to access the platform.


EdCredible’s technology offers vendors visibility to school districts, gives them unprecedented opportunities to showcase their programs, and delivers the transparent, evenhanded and defensible adoption process required by school districts.  It’s a true win-win for vendors and school districts and EdCredible is proud of the extraordinary value offered to both sets of stakeholders.

Executive Team


Kurt Fichtman

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Kurt is a 15 year veteran of the K12 industry and has a history of leading sales organizations to record-breaking success.  Most recently, Kurt served as a Manager at Public Consulting Group and directed all business development efforts for the EdPlan Instructional Management System.  Prior to joining PCG, he held various leadership positions with Performance Matters, Discovery Education and The Princeton Review.  Kurt holds a BS degree from Penn State.


Elizabeth Fichtman

Chief Marketing Officer

Elizabeth started her career at Deloitte Consulting directly out of undergraduate school.  Four years later she was recruited to the boutique-consulting firm, Public Consulting Group (PCG) where she also earned an M.B.A. and rose to the prestigious position of Associate Manager at the firm.  Elizabeth has been regarded in the industry as a trusted adviser with C-level executives and has over 15 years of public sector consulting experience. She has a consistent record of bolstering revenue in new and stagnant markets. As a polished executive who thinks critically to solve problems, Elizabeth can strategically execute a plan and consistently deliver results.   Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Arts from Hope College.  She earned an MBA from Clark University.


Mary Bedford

Chief Academic Officer

Mary is a recognized expert consultant in the education vertical.  In addition to her critical role at EdCredible, she serves as President of Emergent Design and Development (EDD), which is a leading market development and government relations consulting firm to the Education vertical.  Mary has also served as the Director of the ACT Florida office and a Client Partner for Information Systems of Florida, which provides technology solutions to education and government clients.  Mary holds BA (Psychology) and MS (Child Development/Early Childhood Education) degrees from FSU and an MBA from Florida Institute of Technology.

Paul Fichtman

Chief Financial Officer

Paul has extensive successful C-level experience with significant emphasis in the big data services, education and risk management verticals.  Specifically, he served as CEO or COO of 3 subsidiaries of CBC Innovis (a leading data services provider), CRO of EdGate and COO of CINet (Online Learning).  Prior to entering the private sector, he served 5 years as a high school teacher.  He has successfully led 17 M&A transactions ranging from $4M - $97M in deal size.  Among his many accomplishments, he positioned RiskWise and led the cash sale of the company to LexisNexis for 15X revenue ($97M).  Paul holds a BS degree in Education from Hofstra University.


Ken Sumrall

Chief Information Officer

Ken has 25 years experience and is a recognized expert in systems design, development, implementation and analysis in both education (13 years) and the private sector.  Ken founded D2SC, which developed one of the  original Instructional Management Systems (IMS) that connect Assessment, Instruction, Curriculum, Classroom Observation, Reporting, Analytics, Lesson Planning and a Gradebook.  The IMS developed by Ken supports millions of students across the U.S.