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Updated 4-6-2022


Adding prescreen forms

Adding documents

Requiring responses

Adding courses

Setting close dates

Notifying publishers

Updated 4-6-2022

Viewing vendor submissions

Digital access codes, pricing, documents, etc.

Updated 4-6-2022

Vendor prescreen responses
Scoring prescreens
Analyzing Prescreen Results

Updated 4-6-2022

Communicating with Vendors
Sending messages to vendors
Responding to vendor questions

Updated 4-6-2022

Creating Forms/Evaluations

Importing indicators

Setting response choices

Requiring comments

Sections, Categories, Indicators


Updated 4-6-2022

Creating User Groups 
Managing evaluations
Requesting vendor evidence
Assigning Evaluations
Changing Due Dates/Times

Updated 4-6-2022

Navigating evaluations
Accessing digital samples
Completing evaluations

Updated 4-6-2022

Analyzing reviewer results
Comparing products
Filtering Data
Exporting Data

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